It was supposed to be a Fly day.

12.03.20 was a date we were really looking forward to. We had been working 24/7 to finish our new fly shop at Torggata 9A. Our first independent shop that wouldn't be inside a shopping mall, meaning we could decide our own opening hours and play music as loud as we wanted to. This day was supposed to be marked in our calendar as a little piece of Fly history, but instead it was marked as the day covid-19 fully hit and the world closed.

Following instructions from the government, we closed down the seating, changed our routines and had to let go of Fly people. Suddenly the world was turned upside down. We're open, for now, offering take-away only. Everyday feels scary as cluck and we know we're not alone. So many of our friends and people we care about have their businesses and personal economy at stake due to these uncertain times. It's really sad. The streets are empty, shops are closed, people are scared and we will face loses of all sorts. But as long as we can, with the support of the local community, we will provide you with Fly food for you to enjoy in your homes. We belive that good food matters, especially now. Remember that love isn't cancelled and that you can still feel Fly n' be positive, even when the world isn't.

Stay Fly.


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